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…will be available soon in The i-Apps! Ehem, now let me introduce the site:Let me copy the corny about page of the site:

If you have never seen that logo, I suggest you go out from your room and get your life a little bit spiced up. Apple is… a food; Geez I’m so cheesy. Whatever. For you who don’t know about apple, go to their website here. Are you quite clear about what apple is now? Good, now let’s move on to about this site.

I am not Apple nor gadget-freak guy, I am a mere user wanting to write down and collect some reviews about applications (games, productivity, social networking, etc)on Apple’s gadgets, like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I am going to post some reviews on the applications I have used; if you have an application you want me to review, leave a message for me and I will try to use the apps and write a review :)

Happy reading and Apps-ing!

And I am in search of people who want to write reviews for the site! I will not buy you the iDevices, but isn’t sharing = caring? Let’s write!

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