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number eight! <= 8 => !thgie rebmun

Now, this is totally random idea given by WordPress daily post~ It says to choose a number from 1 to 10 and then write some stories that have correlation with the number. So, I also randomly chose 8, the infinite number. This is the only number that can be done repeatedly again and again with continuous motion~ Not my favorite number, but oh well…

So then, what is a story interesting enough with this number?  Let’s google “8”

what do you expect to come out? First is an explanation from wiki about the number 8; following is the local information on wiki again. The third… I can’t believe, out of all things, it is a video from Youtube “Breastfeeding… at 8” Um… and the video even has 37  – almost 38 – millions views!

After that, comes the 8 ball games of billiard; hmm~ nothing personal, I do not play pool often, so I don’t really have a thing with this game~

WINDOWS 8! Kinda waiting for this one~ a review says that it is quite good and a bit different from the previous windows. Installation of the operating system is much quicker than 7. Though it is quite similar to the common operation of touch screen thingy nowadays~ Kind of interested in trying it, but I guess I will just wait until the stable version~

Eight, eight, eight, what else? Usual score on school tests? The number of sauce and soy sauce bottles I have in my room?

Okay, enough of this cheesy post~ Have a great day!


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