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Another Interesting Theme Coming Up!

Every time there are new FREE themes published, it always seems much better than the one I am using~ There must be something that catches my eyes and make me so interested in using it – great job for theme designer! It will be better if the premium ones are free too!

So, here again I am changing the themes once again. Why I like this better?

I think it is mainly because of the widgets on the left. It definitely is better than putting your widgets at the bottom of the page; most people never see them 😦 Though I like the title font of the previous themes better (I used to use CHUNK THEME) – it is good; minimalist and has nice font… and I know changing themes only after a small amount of time is kind of bad for your blog reputation but… seems I get bored quite easily and this is just some random unpopular blog I guess >_> Is there even a person concerned about the design of the blog? Raise your hand!

So, long story short, I have just changed my blog themes again, enjoy!

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