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The World God Only Knows

Have you ever think about the author of something you are reading? Foe me, I have never really thought about the manga author/artist up till now when reading things (this case is manga), but the information about this guy who makes the manga “The World God Only Knows” (TWGOK) seems overflowing in the net. Here is one of the things I have read about his life: http://kaminomi.wikia.com/wiki/Tamiki_Wakaki

TWGOK One-shot Cover

Well, from another manga “Bakuman” I kinda know about the life of manga author/artists (mangaka), but I just accepted it as mere things and did not really care. After knowing Tamiki Wakaki things just seem more real (things like otaku, hikki, etc) – yeah I have never really really believed there are actually people who are like that (otakuness to the max just like in the news)

Hm…. I ended up reading his blog (using google translate of course :D) though several are just small posts, but he sure have posted things on daily basis~ I have to learn to post more often too, haha. Thinking about the manga a bit more, the main character, Keima, seems to be a heartless playboy? He can ‘conquer’ girls as easy as dating games, but doesn’t want anything with real girls while there are a lot of people who are quite the opposite. Ironic? Well, there goes manga world for you.

anyway, thanks Tamiki Wakaki for the TWGOK, can’t wait to read the next chapter (chapter 174 – I am reading the manga scans:D) okay this post is so random but I guess writing without really thinking or editing does make long post. But now I am too lazy to do editing 😀 Have just read cage of eden, a very nice manga too 🙂


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