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Finally I decided to upgrade my iPod’s operating system to iOS5 (5.0.1 now to be exact). After a day using it, there isn’t much difference. Anyhow these are some changes I quickly noticed.

1. iCloud

at the start you will be offered to make a new e-mail address from apple, which is @me.com. I think this is the most useful new thing in iOS5, since now you can just store your things on the net – PC Free, as Apple likes to say it.

2. iMessage

on the springboard, there is this new icon that quickly caught my attention (since iPod don’t have this app before – not like iPhone). But since only a few of my friends use iOS5 and there are only a few areas with Wi-Fi, this application doesn’t really mean anything 😦

3. Notification Center

I accidentally swiped my finger down at the top of the screen and I went to the Notification center; quite cool – though nothing to be done there since I don’t really use weather and stocks apps.

I think the rest are just… normal?

Overall, I don’t really feel any different from my previous OS (I think 4.3.1) It is just I thought several of my game crash because of the OS and I got curious about some applications that can only be used in iOS5 so I upgraded the OS, but… oh well.

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