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Welcome to my last semester of undergraduate degree!  Back to Bandung again, back to academic life again, back to the same 3rd floor dorm room.

View from the Window

Well there hasn’t been much changes since 2008 except the land behind the trees used to be a rice field – was so beautiful at times where the rice are ready to be harvested, all shiny brown gold. It is still looking good (green), though not really treated, wild plants everywhere.

The first two days were so fun, with all the nostalgic feeling and chatter, plus some new activities – like joining an English club. And my first class about information security was rather cheerful, thanks to the amusing lecturer, Budi Rahardjo – click here to read his blog (which is already very famous – oh and it is in Indonesian). I hope the class will stay that way for the rest of the semester.

I have only been there one time, but I would like to introduce this place where native people teach English in a relaxed environment, light conversation and games, even newcomer/beginner can learn. You can see the its Facebook page here: click here. Yesterday I had a chance to be in Tony’s group talking about pronunciation – about the guy, he was a born in Korea, but moved to USA when he was 5, no wonder his English is so good. Well, thanks to my friend who introduced the club to me. When it was time for him to go home, instead of going to another table to meet another native, I went upstairs and found a bunch of girls (native speakers and Indonesian) chatting while holding ping-pong bat. Well, I joined the boys and played table soccer – seems like I am quite good at it, got lots of goals 🙂

Table soccer - Image from tablesoccer.com

I hope this last semester will be fun! And of course I hope my final project can be done in time! Have a great day!

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