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Second Day of Class + MLM

The second day coming back to school life.

Again, nostalgic feeling of meeting friends, talking about holidays, lunar new year, and stuffs. Today in financial planning class I learned about how to interact/choose clients and choosing the right thing for them based on their personality, aggressive or conservative. About the aggression quiz, it is actually kind of easy; look at your daily activities, if you are the kind of guy who will risk something to get what you want, you are more of a aggressive guy – like doing some mountain climbing, bungee jumping, sports with body contacts, etc. But if you are not, you are probably more of a conservative kind of guy.

The second class of the day is multimedia system. The lecturer talked a lot about how pictures and videos work, etc. But I was kinda bored and ended up reading an unrelated book in class; better instead of sleeping in class, right? :p And that class finished my day in the uni.

But then I and my friend went to nearby fast-food restaurant to meet a guy who explained to us about general paradigm of people in Indonesia, motivational stuffs, starting business, getting easy money, selling health stuffs, multi-level marketing… can you guess? It was that famous MLM thingy, that starts with T and end with I, 7 letters.

MLM - Image from woro2.com

U. G. H.

Well, it was not that bad, since the atmosphere was like… experience sharing. I learned about how people actually persuade, how they respond to bad/negative comments, how to reject things while making it sounds very reasonable, making chances, etc. From the start I knew I will not be interested in that kind of thing, like a lot of people in Indonesia/even the world – some are even calling MLM system is rubbish. Well yeah, getting just 1 person per month is a very hard work, and getting things like how they present things is just impossible for most people, like how your down-line will be multiplied every month. Do you seriously believe it? Hm…

Before ending this, I want to share an article I have just read about Donald Trump and MLM system: click here to read.


4 comments on “Second Day of Class + MLM

  1. Darwin
    January 26, 2012

    I thought you went for shopping. Givan must have influenced you to join the MLM session? LOL

    • tida
      January 26, 2012

      yea, at first both of us didn’t know what that was about. we were told that it was some kind of personal franchise business thingy. Though the session itself wasn’t so bad because I learned some things haha. After that we went shopping too 😀

  2. Darwin
    January 26, 2012

    I thought you went for shopping. Givan must have influenced you to join the MLM session? LOL..

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