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Information Security and Intelligent Control System

So today I had another class of Information Security; the topic was about awareness of security around the world and cultural differences between US and Indonesia.

Security Hole - Image from androidpit.com

In a lot of companies there are a lot of conflicts between the high management team and the IT team – one side want to protect the information of the company, but the other side do not see the importance of the securities compared to the cost used to defend the information system from attacks. There is also a problem with the employees who do not really understand about security; by connecting a computer to both corporation network and 3G/Wi-Fi from outside can make holes in the security system.

About the cultural differences, we are talking about how people’s paradigm of other people. People in the USA by default will classify other people as a nice guy and classify bad people as an anomaly. While it is kind of reversed here in Indonesia, where we will classify all people as bad ones and think of nice guys as exceptions. I guess that is the stereotype.

Then the next class is applied psychology. Ugh, I did not expect this, but the number of people registered for the class is more than 400! Though after a while the lecturer decided to slim the number down by kicking the younger class (classes of 2009 and 2010) out – and the number then reduced to 290-something. Still a lot, but… well yeah, a bit better. Since the number was so big and madam lecturer’s voice was so soft – and she did not even use a microphone, how in the world should I hear her voice.

Fuzzy Logic

And the last class, which was 6 hours after the first class, was Intelligent Control System class. Despite being tired and  sleepy plus dark room (nobody even knew where the light switch was!), air-conditioned room, comfortable chair, soft-voiced lecturer, I learned about a few things 🙂 Intelligent control can: learn new things, adapt, solve problems, make decisions, and recognize patterns. And then we were introduce to fuzzy logic, though the explanation was kind of blurry for me.

I hope the next classes will be more fun!

2 comments on “Information Security and Intelligent Control System

  1. Sara hobbins
    January 30, 2012

    Amazingpost, helped with my research!! Thanksfor that.

  2. john bulera
    January 30, 2012

    Cool post, helped with my project!! Thanks for that.

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