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Oops, I mistakenly clicked the re-blog button. I thought it would allow us to edit things before publishing it; but seems like a no. So I read this article titled “25 Ways to Just Be with your children“. It kind of makes me want to have children, imagining things the writer’s favorite family activities, haha. Though realistically speaking it will not happen to me for at least another 5 – 10 years.

Cute Asian Child - Image from weheartit.com

Cute Asian Child - Image from wallcoo.net

Just looking at the image fills my monthly dose of ‘aww~ moment’ haha. Well some girls usually like to fill their dose by looking at cute cat videos and then they will go aww; I like how this meme pictures the expression:

Yes, yes you can!

OK! Enough! Now I have to go and regain my manliness, LOL 🙂

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