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Get a Good Sleep!

Sleepiness can make you hard to focus on things at hand. The easiest thing to spot when people are sleepy is they will doze off, yawn, daydream, and they only seem to have a little bit of energy. For me, it makes my thinking process halted and makes me more silent than I usually am, which makes it hard to socialize.

Sleep Tight - Image from iseeahappyface.com

I had to deal with my sleepiness yesterday because of lack of sleep the night before. And yesterday was quite busy since the morning and I had to go out from 11 until 11 – 12 hours. Fiuh! And all day long I changed from focus to wanna-sleep mode several times. I do not really mind about the activities at home because my work was almost all done on the desk – with PC. But the outdoor activities sure take up a whole lot of your energy.

My first door activity yesterday was checking out prices for making a polo shirt – with a friend of mine. After going to an area known for its apparel production, we started to do some survey. And ended up with 2 options: lacoste cotton or lacoste pe. Since we are making polo shirt at request, after getting some information about prices and had material samples, we then head out to meet with the client, who was time insensitive, and made me quite uneasy because my lack of sleep made me much more sensitive. After finally meet, I did not even want to talk and let my friend did the presentation.

After that I headed out to attend multimedia system class. This time it is more lively because we learned about sounds and the lecturer brought speakers and showed us some examples how sound vary – the differences were in the bit and frequency. I did not really pay attention because… I was sleepy! And then the 1-hour class ended in a flash. Because my next schedule was still an hour later, I hung out with friends for about half hour. In that time span, though the others were having fun, I did not really had enjoyable moment because my mind was blank and wandering around. Hmm.

Nasi Tumpeng

My next schedule was to attend a blessing and celebration ceremony of my female friend who opened up kumon learning center. With another friend from school, we helped her out to bring and buy some food for the event. We bought nasi tumpeng (see image above) and some cakes. After all things needed were bought, traffic jam just had to be there… And the trip took about an hour and a half – I fell asleep halfway. Arriving there about an hour before the actual schedule, we had to do some arrangements for the place, carrying tables and chairs from 1st to 2nd floor, which 4 hours later had to be carried to the 1st floor again. And then at about 7 the mass started, followed with dinner. There were about almost 20 people. Though overall I had fun, I had some regrets because I missed the chance to get familiar some people I have not known before.

Kumon Learning Center

After thinking about it, I believe I could have done things better if I were not so tired and sleepy. So, the point is: get a good amount of sleep and do not let it affect your activities and health!


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