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Youth Weekend

So earlier last week my friend asked me to join a retreat on 28 and 29 January 2012. The theme is about loving each other. After that I invited a friend who later invited another one – seems like MLM downline, LOL; That system just came to mind since I had an encounter with an MLM guy which is told here.

Anyway, so 28th noon we gathered at church and then went to Lembang with a chartered angkot (public transport). And about half hour to an hour later we arrived at the place – it was quite big, quiet, and cold. A nice place for retreat. After everybody get a bed we had several games so we could get to know each other, ate lunch, sang a lot of songs, and had a discussion with a priest from France – Cristophe.

Saboteur - Image from gamelore.com

First day, he talked about how we are unique and important, people often hard to love other people because they are wounded – and have not been able to love their own self one hundred percent. We had mass, games, reflection time, confession, and other activities.  Later that night we made bonfire and burned sausages 😀 The making was not that hard; just pile up some lumbers with some kind of architecture, and then fire it up with the help of small dry branches or dry papers. When the day almost ended the guys decided to play saboteur card game… which finished at 1. Oops seems like the sleep time has to be cut down.

The Bonfire

Second day, we had another talk show with Fr. Cristophe as the main speaker. It was about how to share love to others, love yourself first (but not selfish love), to love is to give one’s self, feeling is important but not the main point of love, principles of loving others, etc. Wow. There were lots of things. I think the summary is “do things to others how I want others do things for me.” And later when I went home, it was rainy and the wind was very strong and broke my umbrella. Ugh.

Broken Umbrella

Again, the important thing is, do things to others how I want others do things for me, and the world will really be a much better place.

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