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Yes, I have just read one of the freshly pressed articles on WordPress’ homepage – How do you answer the question: “What’s new?” – read it, it is good 🙂 I have just realized that it does make you sound boring when you always tell people “nothing new”, “same old stuff”, etc all the time. Hmm. You know what? I have just yawned while looking at images of people yawning -_-

The latest new thing that was happened to me was the center (I had a post about that here). Yesterday, for the second time, I went there to learn to speak English. Before reaching there I felt so tired and a bit lifeless, but after a few moments I got more energized. I joined a table, where the native was a girl named Kayla, and we played a game of making sentences – 1 people 1 word. That was quite fun because the sentences ended up becoming kinda nonsense – funny and weird at the same times 😀

Rainbow - Image from kucoba.com

After about 10 sentences, the place started to get noisy when a guy who looks like Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) entered the center. Everybody was teasing him, LOL. After a while people from our table went upstairs and we set things up because we were going to play table tennis 🙂 Because the number of people was more than the table can handle, we played a game where we circle the table and take turns in hitting the ball. After you hit the ball one time, you put the paddle at the edge of the table and let the next people hit. You are out of the game if you make 3 mistakes. At first it was easy because there were a lot of people. Soon when the number of people reach 4, you have to run to the other side of the table, fiuh! When the number is down to 2 people, you do not move to the other side of the table, but you spin your body once after each hit. Oh yeah, the most important rule: Hit it nice and easy, like a rainbow 😀 I ended up playing table tennis and chatting with others (there were nurses, high school student, college students,etc) until 8 PM (closing time) – where I had thought I would just be there from 4 to 6 PM.

The point is, new things will make you more cheerful and energized 🙂


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