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Cicak (Lizard) - Image from baltyra.com

 Are you guys familiar with that thing over there? In Indonesia we even have a song for it 🙂 Try searching “cicak-cicak di dinding” on Google. I heard this song a lot in the 90s, haha. If you want to know more about cicak, you can read it here. Anyway, why cicak? Why am I writing about this reptile now? One of this… animalia, chordata, reptilia, squamata, lacertilia, gekkota… lives in my printer/scanner!

Yesterday, when I prepared the paper for printing, my friend opened up the scanner lid; and suddenly he screamed. Whoa. Did not realize anything, I asked him what happened? He said that there was a cicak on the scanner and then it ran to the paper feeder and then vanished into the printer. Oh God. The thing is, how long had it been there? I have never opened the scanner lid for the last… 5 months? How could it get in there? Anyway, then we tried to make it go out of the printer because we were afraid the printer will kill it when we turn it on, but nothing can’t seem to disturb it from its new home and we need to print an essay immediately. We decided cicak has a high survival rate and believed it would not die 🙂

The cicak was nowhere to be seen

So the printing began… after a bit of the paper came out, we were glad because there was nothing extraordinary on the paper. Imagine there were parts of the cicak on the paper… Ew.

Then I decided to open the paper feeder for the whole day and close it last night. I hope the cicak went out of the printer.


One comment on “Cicak

  1. darwinxie
    February 2, 2012

    LOL. Sometimes cicak also sneaks into my room. I have no idea how to evict or prevent this reptile out of my room. It’s more difficult to evict it than cockroach.

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