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May You Rest In Peace

What does life really mean? Where do people go when they die? What do they feel?

Angelina Yofanka - Image by Ahmad Fauzan

A recent happening of Angelina Yofanka, who met her end on Cikandang river, made me remember the feeling of being left. She, who was only 19 years old, unexpectedly had to end her life so quick. She was an energetic girl who loved to do outdoor activities like mountain climbing and rafting (she even joined a group of nature lover). Some said she died doing what she loved, but don’t you think it is very sad for people to die while doing something they really love? Isn’t it kind of ironic? She is a young girl who has not even lived for 20 years, she must have thought of many other things to do in this world; God where is Your mercy?

My best friend also left the world when he was only 17 years old. He was a great man with a bright future ahead. But really, how could life suddenly snatched him away? Nothing was different than usual, no signs of anything weird, and in a moment he was no longer in the same world. Years after years, the memories of someone important in our life, who has left us, come popping randomly in our head every now and then; but what can we humans do? We can only move on and live our own life. We humans sure are fragile and powerless creatures, aren’t we?

May you rest in peace - Image from fireofthylove.com

Though we do not know each other, I feel sorry and I wish to bid you farewell. Angelina Yofanka, may you rest in peace.


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