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Earlier today I read this book about enneagram; I have known this book since a long time ago, but I have never read it completely because I have only read enneagram book in the bookstores. Today I used a scrap of paper to documented all the quiz results because in order to  fully understand the book I have to do some kind of personality quizzes to know what my main personality is.

Well, I could quite expected the result, but I did not think that it would be that extreme, based on the quizzes I filled, I check-listed 100% peacemaker, 85% Skeptic, 80% perfectionist, 70% helper, 65% observer, 60% melodramatic, and 50% for achiever, adventurer, and leader. The biggest three are number 9, number 6, and number 1. I do not fully understand the concept, but I guess the summary is that my main personality is peacemaker and my “wings” are perfectionist.

The Peacemaker - Image from the Enneagram Institute

So what does that mean? That means, according to enneagram, I am a spiritual seeker, a sensitive perfectionist guy who can grasp the situations around me quickly, but I doubt almost anything, including my own opinion. I can see things from a lot of perspective so most of the times I agree with other people’s opinion; though that does not mean I will do things the same as them, because in the end I will do things my own random way. I even doubt what I want to do or what I really want to be in the future; which makes me slow at deciding anything. But when I do know what I really want, you will be amazed on how I can do things really nice and quick. More intensive explanation about the peacemaker can be found here and here. A little quote about the peacemaker:

We have sometimes called the Nine the crown of the Enneagram because it is at the top of the symbol and because it seems to include the whole of it. Nines can have the strength of Eights, the sense of fun and adventure of Sevens, the dutifulness of Sixes, the intellectualism of Fives, the creativity of Fours, the attractiveness of Threes, the generosity of Twos, and the idealism of Ones. However, what they generally do not have is a sense of really inhabiting themselves—a strong sense of their own identity.

Another quotes about the peacemaker:

Their receptive orientation to life gives Nines so much deep satisfaction that they see no reason to question it or to want to change anything essential about it. Because Nines develop psychologically this way, we should not fault them if their view of life is open and optimistic. But we may fault Nines when they refuse to see that life, while being sweet, also has difficulties which must be dealt with. Their refusal to fix the tire when it goes flat, so to speak, is symbolic of their problem. They would rather ignore whatever is wrong so that the tranquillity of their ride will not be disturbed.

As long as Nines are idealizing other people, they will also tend to devalue themselves. It is as though they project all of the qualities that they feel they cannot have onto the idealized other. Strength, self-assertion, poise, self-confidence, and many other positive qualities are perceived as present in the other and lacking in the self. Of course, the specific qualities will vary from Nine to Nine, but all will seek to identify with people who have or express the mental, emotional, or physical qualities which Nines either feel they lack. Most Nines will not be aware of this dynamic, but they will be aware of their strong identifications with certain strong figures in their lives and their repetitive attraction to person’s with certain specific characteristics. Subconsciously, they desire to merge with someone else in order to incorporate through that person the qualities in themselves that they have repressed or rejected. Thus, their problem with instinct is twofold: by identifying with someone else, their sense of self eventually becomes ill defined and incomplete, so they do not relate the to world as individuals. Second, by identifying with someone else, Nines do not develop their potentials. Preserving their inner peace becomes their all-important motivation.

I hope you are not tired of reading 😀

9w1 is about keeping their inner peace(nine) intact(one). They avoid conflict externally and the reality of that conflict internally. They see conflict as an endless web of which any path could lead to estrangement so they hold their anger inside. They suppress their rough edges and conceal disagreeableness to seem accomodating. They have trouble saying no gracefully: “what do you mean?”…”answer to what?”…”I’m flattered you asked but I’ll have to think about that as I have something else I gotta do”…”me participating would likely make no difference so you’d be better off asking someone else”. They may also feel emotionally unsafe wanting something that’s counter to the wants of the people around them. They’ll either be wishy-washy and try to change the subject or find a way to go along while feeling they were sucked in. Basically they trade their comfort for others’ comfort and hope and assume that by ignoring conflict they will maintain their emotional tranquility. To a 9w1 hope and assume are often close enough to be interchangeable. If they are in a safe and comfortable enviornment they can better explore disagreement.

9w1s are sensitive and self-effacing as well as gentle and loving. While they have issues with expressing anger they can also feel crippled with anxiety. They suppress or ignore their wants due to fear. They “cocoon” under stress and their “positive outlook” is a defense against a deep-seated belief of an inability to have an influence or impact. The delayed anger responses from 9w1s result from an excessive buildup of intense long-term anxiety that never got dealt with. They are much harder on themselves than 9w8s. They are very sensitive to criticism because they take it as a judgement on them as people. This is why praise can have such a positive effect on them. The key is to try to relieve their anxiety directly and then anger issues will resolve themselves.

9w1s have an “ego in having no ego”, as opposed to the 9w8 ego in being able to be apathetic to what’s pointless. They can be unusually intuitive and cerebral as well as creative and fantastical. They have a knack for synthesizing various theories and viewpoints. Sometimes they can seem like 4s and 5s except they idealize “flow” and don’t take things to the same extremes. It’s tough to narrow down the possibilities and discriminate the way they see everything as interconnected. They feel ambivalent and out of touch with what their instincts tell them. They repress and ignore negative urges in themselves but get fustrated with those who disturb the peace. In response to being disturbed themselves they might initially be taken aback or dazed and then say everything is okay.

9w1s are high-minded types who idealize peace, harmony, healing, and union with others. They mainly fear being seperated from loved ones and on some level they feel like they don’t matter as a distinctly seperate person. “United we stand divided we fall” resonates with them because on a deeper level seperation is equivalent to annihilation. They dream about formlessness as the perfect reality, where one is freed from struggles of the ego and anything else that detracts from fluidity. They feel drawn to being connected with the vastness and beauty of nature and are attracted to things like large bodies of water and celestial entities in the sky. The Way of the Tao is very 9w1, as are other eastern philosophies that aspire to a formless and egoless nirvana. “The answer will come to you in time my son” wiseman archetype is also very 9w1. In such a reality unnecessary details, pain, and anxiety are either drowned out or work themselves out on their own.

Enneagram Direction

And based on Myers Briggs test on the later section of the book, I belong to the ISFP area. Which is the combination of Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving (and according to the book, the most common personality for ISFP people are peacemaker 🙂 ). So yeah I am an introvert who get drained quickly when I am in a big group of people, a sensing man which means I live in reality and perceive things based on experience, a subjective human being instead of being a logical one; I guess this is why I always lost in an argument, and finally I am also a flexible guy who can change my plan based on the surrounding. For those who are interested in trying the Myers Briggs test, you can try this test online here (it will only take several minutes to finish the test).

MBTI Personality

I have just taken another test on an online test and the questionnaire plus the result seem legit. You can see the result above.

PS: Full explanation of the enneagram system can be seen here.


6 comments on “Enneagram-Me

  1. nahlho ketauan yah :P
    February 11, 2012

    “you will be amazed on how I can do things really nice and quick”

    in fapping too? ROFL

  2. nahlho ketauan yah :P
    February 12, 2012

    wkwkw katanya klo yg unhealthy dari 8,Level 9: If they get in danger, they may brutally destroy everything that has not conformed to their will rather than surrender to anyone else. Vengeful, barbaric, murderous. Sociopathic tendencies. Generally corresponds to the Antisocial Personality Disorder.

    BARBARIC hahahaha

    • tida
      February 12, 2012

      Dasar sociopathic ckck haha

      very healthy-nya mantep banget dah haha
      “May achieve true heroism and historical greatness.”

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