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On Vocabulary

Where is your position on people who use sophisticated constituents when inditing?

Thesaurus - Image from snorgtees.com

When making a blog post, I ofttimes pick my words based on what popped first in my head. I seldom become a fastidious person on choosing words because of my limited verbal aptitude. It is quite significant because of its involvement with visitors’ paradigm of the author. However I reckon I should not exaggerate things like what I have just done with this exact paragraph. Mayhap I have to write like I used to (using easy vernacular words) and then weigh some repeated words. That way I can be more specific on voicing my opinion in words and the writing itself will not be as dull. Though from the writer’s side, it definitely will be more strenuous for the brain.

But be careful, your vocabulary affects/determines the visitors of your blog. You can write with uncommon words, but that means you are leading your posts to more intelligent people; or the English-speaking-countries natives themselves; or some people who are assiduous enough to open the dictionary over and over. Be wise, your words as they are your weapon and  thesaurus can be a double-edged sword.

Happy writing!

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