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BIG Problems SMALL steps

I have always wondered why some people go drunk and use drugs all the times. Why? I mean, after doing all those things, can’t you just leave them and start living normally? Today I think I can finally understand the situation a little bit (No I am not drunk or on drugs). After having so much fun, we need a lot of will power to embrace the problems we have “erased” from our mind because they seem overwhelming, everything looks out of control.

Piling Works - Image from oracle.com

“Whoa! I have to do… all these?! I definitely won’t be able to do it!” or something along that line is lazybones’ favorite sentence. But you know what? Do not be afraid and turn tail. The fear, the conflict, only lies in your head. All things that need to be done are definitely real, but what I want to say is that we will not be able to accomplish anything if we just sit there thinking about all those “huge” problems. So what should we do? Take small little steps. Baby steps.

Baby Steps - Image from makinggoodsoftware.com

 Taking notes on the movie “What About Bob?” we can learn a thing or two about doing things;

Baby steps.. yes… shall we all start reverting back to those days where we step awkwardly in motion like babies; yet, tumble in aspiration to reach our goal? Can we slow down enough to stop in our tracks before we crash and burn? Can we find the littlest steps to be the most grandest endeavor? I ponder the thought of walking backwards. Taking those steps slowly; yet stepping forwards in constant stride

I quoted the paragraph above from here. From small things come great things, so do your baby steps and all the tasks will definitely be finished.

2 comments on “BIG Problems SMALL steps

  1. Andrew Sugianto
    February 18, 2012

    Not a bad writing, dit.. it gives me a bit inspiration about life..

    • tida
      February 18, 2012

      hehe thanks Gi 🙂

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