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Kamikaze Karaage – a Restaurant Review

So last Saturday I finally decided to try this restaurant which looked kind of new in Paris Van Java (Bandung), Kamikaze Karaage. (It first opened in PVJ in December 2011)

Kamikaze Karaage

My first impression was “this place does not seem convincing”. Because every time I walk past this restaurant, there was nobody in there except the waitress and the cashier; other restaurants were quite busy at the time. The next time I went to the mall, a friend of mine said she wanted to try the restaurant. After she said that, I was like… “Really?!” But I think it might not be a bad idea to sample new flavor.

From outside, I can see the interior design; the place’s atmosphere was quite good, though the design definitely was not Japanese-styled. Entering the restaurant, basically there were only 2 kinds of menu. Economical menu and full menu. On the full menu, you get to choose your main dish, 2 side dishes, and white rice (you can exchange the rice with fried rice or french fries for another 6000 rupiah). The price for full menu is about 40.000 Rupiah (exclude drink). The economical menu was named “students’ menu”. It consists of  carbohydrate (white rice, fried rice, or french fries) accompanied by side dish(es) – the side dishes vary depend on your carbohydrate. I decided to try the economical menu “kimchi fried rice” and its side dishes – I omitted the kimchi before because there was barely any kimchi on the fried rice. It costs 16.000 Rupiah (include drink).

Kimchi Fried Rice

Students' Set C

The first taste of the fried rice… Well yeah, I think fried rice sold on the side of the street is much more delicious. And, I repeat. The so-called kimchi fried rice only has a little tiny bit of kimchi. That was my main point of choosing this menu. At first I was wondering though why is this “Japanese-styled” restaurant sells kimchi, which is Korean; fried rice, which is also not Japanese; and french fries… which is obviously from the West! Next I ate some kind of fried dumpling (I forget the name), it was quite good 🙂 I like the meat on the center of the ball very much. The  crunchy outermost side was so-so. Lastly the tea (cold ocha/ Japanese tea). Damn! It felt like chemical essence! Ugh. Though it was not a good drink, I had a lot of refills (yeah it is refillable) because I was so thirsty. I think I asked for refill for about 10 times, LOL.

I have not tried their best, but since they give out the promotion, they should have made better effort. So yeah, I was quite disappointed. I will think twice before entering Kamikaze Karaage again.


2 comments on “Kamikaze Karaage – a Restaurant Review

  1. Andrew Sugianto
    February 22, 2012

    I asked for the refill too… lololol

    • tida
      February 22, 2012

      LOL you have to pay me!

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