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I am on my path in finishing my final year of university, and guess what? Everybody seems going their own way full speed ahead embracing bright future. A lot of people around me are getting recognition nationally or even world-wide. Wow!

What about me?

I am happy to hear the great news. I felt motivated by their stories; and quite sad at the same time. “where am I going with my life?” This has always been the hardest question since I was a little child. Every single time in my form there were a question about my aspiration, my goal, my future plan, I have always put some random lie. A director, doctor, entrepreneur, scientist, etc. Fudge! They are all bull! I always get confused how to fill that.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Image from lifeboat.com

I know, realistically speaking, there are still people who are still confused too about this kind of thing. And a lot of them are just quite fine, I think. There seem to be nothing wrong being ordinary and all. But yeah, I feel motivated, sad, and even envy at the same time 😦

Okay I will just stop rambling. Have a great day!


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