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Hold Me – a Poem

Today I want to share a good poem. The poem was made by Chula and was published here.

Hold Me

© Chula

I’m hurt all the time.
I don’t want to cry for the way I feel inside.
I just want someone to hold me…
I’m alone in the dark, please try to find me.
If no one cares, I don’t see a point to go on.
Anyone find me! Anyone care!
I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be alone anymore.
I feel unheard and unseen. Depressed and weak.
No one cares and yet I’m always the sorry one.
Someone find me! I’m scared.
Please hold me until it all ends.
Just hold me that’s all I want.
I don’t want to be alone in the dark.
Just hold me as I start to disappear from the light.
Just hold me as I start to cry.
Just hold me so I wont be alone inside.
Just hold me so I don’t do something wrong.
Just hold me so tight, that for a moment I could feel the light….

Author description: This poem is about feeling very alone in the world. Like someone turned off the lights & has me walking the streets with nobody besides me, just wanting someone to hold me, so that the world doesn’t seem so dark & depressing inside me. So that I could feel some kind of hope that someone does care about me.

There have been times where I feel lonely even in a crowd, and it feels very painful. Nobody seems to care at all, and what I feel is the same as what you describe in the poem.  Your poem really pictures lonely soul who needs to be embraced and loved. Thank you very much for the sad yet beautiful poem.

2 comments on “Hold Me – a Poem

  1. Patricia Campbell
    March 15, 2012

    I would like to know a little bit more about you. The reason being is that I have a poetry projet that i have to do in English class. I am inspierd by your poem. Th reason why I would like to know more about you because I have to attach a biography of my author alone with it. so I am hopping that I could be able to reach you . please hurry and responed back thank you. My name is Patricia and im go to Poughkeepsie high School in New York.You could email me at pcampbell014@yahoo.com. I hope that I could get and responde from you.

    • tida
      March 15, 2012

      Hey, I am sorry to say that I am not the author of the poem. I also do not really know about the biography of the real author.

      Good luck with your project, though.

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