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Laziness Overload!

Seven Deadly Sins - Image from wikimedia.org

It has been about a week since I last follow my actual daily schedule.

Everything seems to be neglected. Starting from the daily blog post, my final project, and some other assignments. Why? Thinking back, I think it all started with my bad mood kicking in, followed by stress. And when I am stressed, usually my food intake goes out of control. I can eat 3 days worth of food in a meal and then just sit still without doing anything. Oh you gluttony and sloth!

Is it just me or coming back to your senses is really hard to do? I mean, before I think I have found the right life style for me and could easily follow them. Such as planning things ahead, following the schedule, keep computer away as much as I could, searching for activities so that I won’t be inactive and bored, and controlling food intake – my appetite. It feels like it is so easy to turn yourself into the sins but so hard to drive them away.

But I guess the first step of solving problems is always realizing that there are problems. And then try to work yourself out of the slump.

What about you, have you ever been on the wrong track? How did you go back to the right one? Were there any obstacles?


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