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Stopping Kony?

Have you noticed about the massive on-going publication of Joseph Kony? Where people use the #stopkony hashtag in Twitter and also other medias’ tag like Kony 2012. All I see today is people sharing the videos and idea of making him famous. If you have not watched the video, please watch it first. You can find it here on youtube.

Stop Kony 2012

Watching the videos made by the community, Invisible Children, what do you feel? At first I felt a bit sad, but somehow deep inside I have always known that out there, in small little countries, lots of unthinkable crimes are happening unnoticed. The video is very good and touching, but then I decided to look for some additional information, looking from different perspectives. I started to read some related articles, mostly from skeptics though, since Invisible Children has greatly fill the role of the optimist.

Some questions just popped out in my head; here they are. Do you know where Uganda is? What do you think of Invisible Children? Beside the video, have you tried to find some other information about the condition in Uganda? Do you think Invisible Children can erase the problems and really help the children? What do you think about this whole situation? What do you think people outside Uganda and America should do? Are you interested enough to do some deep researching and act? Will you do more than just clicking that share and re-tweet button?

I myself actually still not really well-informed about the whole situation and what Invisible Children’s true intentions are, so I am not really sure about my position on this matter. But here I want to share some articles that do not share the same view with Invisible Children.

Joseph Kony is not in Uganda (and other complicated things) by Michael Wilkerson

The Trouble with #StopKony by Elizabeth Dickinson

Invisible Children founders posing with guns by Elizabeth Flock

Reading the three articles above, are you getting some insight? Or are you thinking those three writer are such a pessimist?

PS: I am sorry if any of the questions I have stated above somehow offend you. Those are just strictly random questions from my random brain, do not take them too personally.


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