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Are you a touch-screen phone user? Since several years ago, touch-screen user has been increasing significantly, especially on mobile phone. People are starting to use touch-screen on daily basis. But then one problem rose. some people find it hard to write messages! (e.g. people with big fingers). Then a lot of people offered new methods of inputting characters to your phone. On a post in the past I have written about swype, “Still Tap To Type? Just Swype!”

And though this method is not entirely new, I would like to share it with you: 8pen.

8pen - Image from 8pen.com

So what is this 8pen is all about? from its website, “The 8pen™ is a new way to write on gesture-based devices. It is fast, natural and fun.” You can watch the concept, ad, demo, and game here at its website. First time I tried it, it was a bit confusing and hard to do. But after a few minutes on having my finger on 8pen, playing the game, my index finger is already used to write using 8pen. I have not tried with my thumb, but it seems kind of hard. Though it is faster to use the index finger, you have to use both hand (one to hold the phone and one to write) or put the phone on a surface, so it is kind of a let down. But I think this is quite good and fun.

This can also be used for several other things, like impressing other (making people confused :p) or something like in this rage comic:


8pen rage comic - Image from androidpolice.com

Are you a messaging-geek? Or are you new to touch-screen phone? What do you think of this method?

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