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Badges: Workplace Edition

LOL something like this definitely will make life much more fun and amusing!

Second Lunch

The other day I was trying to think of a way to “spice up” the workplace a little bit. So I took a page out of the Boy and Girl Scouts book, and also Foursquare, and I created some badges for anyone who knows what it’s like to punch in, plug away at a desk for 8 hrs a day, and then punch out.

Below are several badges that I’ve thought up. Each is titled, along with the information on how to unlock them. Click on the image to be directed to larger image which you can then printout, laminate, and display proudly as a non-violent way to stick it to the man.

This is a self-regulating game, so don’t go gloating about badges you didn’t unlock, BECAUSE, TRUST ME, WE’LL ALL F###ING KNOW.

Good luck.

Beat the Clock

“Clock in” at or before the start of the work day…

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This entry was posted on March 13, 2012 by in Daily Life.

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