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Facebook Jail

Why is my time wasted on looking at something not important, such as scrolling Facebook from top to bottom, looking at others people life. Was I this nosy when I was a kid? I don’t think so. Sure sometimes it is a good thing that you can get important information shared in Facebook, but really, it is very rare compared to the rubbish. Are you like that too? Once a while is OK, but if it is becoming your main activity… I think it is better to reduce it ASAP.

Facebook Jail – Image from techspere.com

I think there are still much more important thing to do than watching the news feed showing you a new status update from your distant friend or something. I love Facebook, but if it makes me addicted and takes a lot of my time, sorry, I need to finish my works.

Talking about Facebook, congratulations Mark Zuckerberg, for getting married and for Facebook IPO, though the second day was not so good. Hopefully it will raise again soon.

One comment on “Facebook Jail

  1. arkalisa
    May 25, 2012

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