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Jung Ae Ri

Handsome & Pretty Casts of You Are My Destiny

Finally I have finished watching 178 episodes of 2008-2009 K-Drama “You Are My Destiny”, which had Yoona SNSD as the main lead. The series itself is not that interesting all the time (just like soap operas in Indonesia); with the core problem being male protagonist’s parents’ consent on his marriage with Yoona. Thankfully there are side stories about the family that are quite interesting. While watching the series, one of the actress, Jung Ae Ri, have captured my attention.

Jung Ae Ri

Though her role’s personality is not as strong as Yoo Hye Ri’s (Yoona’s real mother), Jung Ae Ri, taking the role of Yoona’s stepmother, somehow left a good impression, especially with her expression. Her almost-50-years-old face seems to be soft and caring (and sometimes angry annoyed), motherly face. Here is a quote about her on the net.

Since the ’90s, veteran television and stage actress Jung Ae-ri has been one of the go-to gals for portrayals of stoic, intellectual women.She’s played every stock character in Korean drama — doting daughter-in-law, loving mother, working professional and even mediator for a television show that deals with troubled marriages. Although her recent roles have been diverse over a wide spectrum, one thing is common in all of them. They have all been portrayals of mothers.

Have you ever watched her acting? Out of her 30 series and movies, which one do you think is the best?

One comment on “Jung Ae Ri

  1. Patricia
    July 31, 2012

    Hi. Jung Ae Ri was my number 1 favorate Korean Actress too. I watched YAMD almost 10 times.. thats no joke. I watched her all drama series except from I Can’t stop now, which I could’nt find it. I currently watching her on JUST YOU and WELCOME RAIN TO MY LIFE. She’s truly an amazing actress.. I really like her and wishing her to visit Philippines. She has a lot of fans here too since TEMPTATION OF WIFE started airing.

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