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You Are the Apple of My Eye

You Are the Apple of My Eye

Watching the Taiwanese love movie, it feels like being reminded of real life. You are a high school student, and suddenly you are a college graduate. Time flies so fast and I feel like I am riding a time machine. 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 (In those years, the girl we all went after) portrays how a group of friends chasing after this one beautiful girl in school, and still going after her, even after graduation.

It is kind of tragic watching how the love story goes. Why didn’t she just show to him how she loves her? She even married another man in the end. Trying to think conservatively, the old-fashioned way, was she thinking that he was not husband material? Since he is not a smart guy who seems to have a bright future ahead. Well yeah I think this movie shows a bit of real life romance from boys perspective, not really syrupy like most K-Dramas. (Seems like the story was really about Giddens Ko’s past)

You Are the Apple of My Eye is based on Giddens’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. According to Giddens, some of the details in the story were changed to make this film more dramatic. For example, the event where Ching-teng and Chia-yi fought actually took place over the phone, not quarreling in the rain as this film depicts. He said that “although some of the reasons for the events in the film were changed, the main storyline remained unchanged”. In addition, when asked if he was pressured by the recent success of Taiwanese films at the box office, Giddens replied, “No, I am more pressured by whether the film is nice to watch, whether it will succeed in the box office, and whether it will become an embarrassment for me. Also, if the film is not nice, it will be a letdown to Chen-tung and Michelle, who have been working so hard.”

At first, there was an initial shortage of funds to produce the film. The director Giddens had to use up his entire savings, even to the extent of mortgaging his house, to raise money. Giddens said that he did all this in order to make a film to impress his ex-girlfriend and the female protagonist of this film, Shen Chia-yi. The executive producer of the film, Angie Chai, also played a key role in raising money for the film.

The real Giddens Ko and the apple of his eye Shen Chia-yi

I love the cinematography, like how they play with the focus of the camera. I think it is pretty cool. The only part I don’t really get is the flashback on the later part of the movie, because I don’t quite get the nostalgic sad feeling. Kind of boring because they show the exact same scene from before. I think it will be better to show the old  situation but from different point of view or at least different angle. Just an amateur point of view. Overall, this movie has left me with a great story and a smile.


2 comments on “You Are the Apple of My Eye

  1. Panama
    July 2, 2012

    The film is at its best when it reminds viewers of their adolescent years. The 33-year-old director has repeatedly said the film isn’t only about his own youth, but everyone’s。

  2. Jordi
    March 16, 2013

    really give me inspiration, maybe i dont have a same storywith this movie, but i can feel what the ko chi teng, feel that, what a meaning about true love…

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