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Just a Saying

Have you ever heard this before? Just a quote rumored to be said by Will Smith, the famous actor. And I guess it is quite fair, isn’t it?

The feeling is quite like a small child hoping that someday he would become a superhero and gives his bullies some lessons. Though the quote should be said by someone who is already successful, don’t you feel like saying it after meeting   lots of people who can only criticize and give cynical remarks? Or even those people who again and again ask for your help but never do the same for you.

 “If you’re absent during my struggle don’t expect to be present during my success.” 

For you who are shooting for the moon, better see how people around you act when you are “no one” and later remember when you are already “someone”, see how those people act and then you can determine who they truly are. I still feel like saying it again, again, and again. I guess it is just that I am such an arrogant person who holds grudges at times.

Please write anything you want to say, the comment box below is made for that purpose 🙂

3 comments on “Just a Saying

  1. Luki
    July 11, 2012


    • tida
      July 11, 2012

      hahaha napa Luk

      • Luki
        July 11, 2012

        biar rame aja dit…

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