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Kobe Lamptei – a Restaurant Review

Kobe Lamptei

Last week I had a gathering in “Kobe Lamptei – Home of Taste” at Citywalk Sudirman. When I first arrived, I thought it was a sit-get menu-order-wait restaurant, but I was wrong because Kobe Lamptei is actually a fast food restaurant where you order at the cashier. This time I had the opportunity to taste various menus. I think the logo want to picture a lampion’s fire, but I find it not really appealing

My first impression of the place is quite good; the atmosphere is nice to eat and converse comfortably. Though I found the songs they played are quite… unsuitable? Anyway, I ordered Beef Combo Bowl which was priced around IDR 50.ooo. The side dishes are like the ones you buy at supermarket, the feel of frozen foods can definitely be tasted there, but the beef is delicious, almost as delicious as Yoshinoya’s.

Beef Combo Bowl

The side dishes

After finishing my own meal, I also tried the chicken and salad menu. The chicken meat plus teriyaki sauce tastes okay. Please note that all vegetables things here do not taste good, bad if I have to say. It’s like… you take veggies out, chop chop chop here and there quickly, put them on a bowl, paste mayonnaise, and you are done! The green tea is like any other Japanese restaurant, but the flavor is a bit blend because of too much water.

Overall, I think you might want to try the beef menus here. I do not know about the curry and udon, but they do look good though. Mind that having a meal here is quite pricey for that kind of menu.



Citywalk Sudirman
Ground Floor #11 & 12
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur 121
Jakarta Pusat

Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Phone : ( 021 ) 299 12 871

3 comments on “Kobe Lamptei – a Restaurant Review

  1. agatha vienny
    August 18, 2012

    Change that ‘50.000 rupiah’ with IDR 50.000
    More suitable

  2. lukibsubekti
    August 28, 2012

    punya rumah makan ya sekarang… waa…

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