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@Work – Day 1

First Day at Work

After lots of days warming my home chair all day long, this morning I started working at  a company that deal mostly with building machinery system in factories. Since the rush hour in my area is so frustrating, I decided to go early today… which resulted in me arrived at my workplace two hours from the designated time. Oh well. There was nothing much to see in the morning; empty field, the cleaning office boys, empty hallways, some typical employees, and some flying nyan cats.

At 7:45 I decided to go to my floor, there was already another new employee too, followed by another one. The first quarter of the day we discussed and learn how to fill the attendance time table, rules, and another administration things. The rest of the day… I learn about the software used and remembering the standards of the company in building software. It felt so random and abstract, only reading and not doing it. Too bad I can’t use the program today so I think I did not learn  a lot from it. Things like making ireport, database, warehouse management system, and some GUI which I have to learn is actually interesting. But only if I can try and experiment with it. But skimming the functions and overview of the software is quite good for my first day I guess.

Few days in the future I will be getting training from the software department, I hope I can quickly learn things and do some real work. But yeah it is still a long way to go, so I better get ready for lots more in the future!


One comment on “@Work – Day 1

  1. darwinxie
    November 21, 2012

    ciee adit akhirnya udah kerja nih yee.. sukses dit.

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