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Day 2 – Engineer’s Life and Other Things


Another early day! But this time I have learned my lesson and brought a book and sudoku sheets for killing time before work starts. (since I have not had any assignment yet). Technically I did not really learn anything today, but I realized several facts at work.

Like engineers life, today I got some stories on how engineers who work in a company that has lots of work live. You have to keep yourself sane and healthy and work all year long both at the same time. In a project, you have to live on-site until the project is finished, which takes weeks, months, or even years. Want some entertainment? You better know how people in the 80’s and 90’s enjoy their everyday life. Though for now I can’t really give you any proof or my own stories, but some oldies has opened their book tales and sing their stories. Hopefully some parts of the stories have hyperbola when I heard them.

I have never seen Facebook, 9gag, or other entertainment sites at any monitors at work! Well, I thought lots of people slack off at work, but I guess not all companies/people are like that. The condition also helps me to not fool around, since it is harder to slack off when others are working hard. (I haven’t opened any websites outside of mail and work stuffs, unbelievable!)

Learn to earn respect from other colleagues, men and women, higher ups and… lower downs(?), and other people. Be sociable and you will have a good work environment. Learn to motivate others. Learn to lead others. Do not think too highly or too lowly of yourself. Do not mourn too much on missed opportunities, it is not the end of the world.  Suddenly I want to share an excellent quote for living a good life. A quote by Billy Graham.

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.

Stay frosty!

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