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Q10 Text Editor


So today I tried to search for a free text editor with spell check and less or no distraction whatsoever. Some reviews point to this text editor: Q10. You can choose to download the editor with/without spell checker; since I tend to write hastily, I kind of prefer the one with spell checker.

Because of its small size, I can quickly use it; from 300ish KB to 1000ish KB. After running the application, I am given a black screen to write, with some statistics on the lowest part of my screen. I am liking this thing, from the overall design, the default font (courier new, you can change it freely), the shortcuts, and even the sound. Great. Though at first I need to see the help (by pressing F1) several times to get used to the shortcuts.

Some of the features are to set alarm, insert timestamp, setting target word count, and other basic features such as copy and paste. So far it is working pretty nicely. I think I will use this program often.

If you are thinking of getting this apps or want to see the full features, you can check it out here.

tl;dr: Q10 is a leveled up notepad with calming background and several others functions to help you as a writer.


One comment on “Q10 Text Editor

  1. kensaispeaks
    August 7, 2014

    Your best bet is to use the portable version without the spell checker. The installer for the installed version isn’t compatible with some newer OSes, and the spell checker has always been problematic. You could always set up an external spell checker like WordWeb or just spell check as part of another step of your process (email clients, blogging interfaces, Word, wherever you need to go next with this text will very likely have check as you type spell checking for you).

    Another thing to look at is Q10’s “notes” functionality. I never really got this back in the day when I was a heavy and pretty exclusive Q10 user, but what you can use this for is to help navigate longer documents. It works by placing two periods at the start of a line, and then pressing Ctrl+H. This brings up a window that shows you all your “notes” . The power of this, that I didn’t realize until later, as the world moved on to things like Markdown and whatnot, was that this could be used to mark chapters or scenes, or headings in longer works, including book length stuff (I’m a novelist, and yes I’ve run this thing through the mill with 100k word files, and I can say, performance is just fine). Then you can just use the window that comes up with Ctrl+H to navigate between your chapters or sections or whatever you’re using.

    Anyway, I mostly use other apps now, Writemonkey, FocusWriter, a highly tweaked install of Sublime Text (this one’s not for the faint of heart ;-p ), but I keep Q10 to hand and still put in a couple hours with it every month. Its comfy, it works, and it is much more “distraction free” than even the other apps I’ve mentioned.


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