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Chef (2014) Movie Review

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This movie is quite entertaining and motivating. Jon Favreau depict a master chef (Carl Casper) struggling with the management in his restaurant and a harsh critic which eventually made him to start his own venture together with his technology-savvy son. It shows what is currently happening in the real world. A good product combined with the power of social media will get you ahead on the business.

Right from the start you will be given the problem between the chef and the management fighting on creative new product versus guaranteed old product. No worries, food porn close shot and Scarlett Johansson is ready to entertain your eyes. And a bit later on, you will get to see Robert Downey Jr. on a short scene.

Despite the management restraint on him, Carl is actually quite satisfied at first because he is working his dream job as a chef. Though he was repeatedly told that he would be better off starting his own business by his friends, he is happy enough working at the restaurant where he can cook; until the critic incident takes place.

Are you stressed when someone publicly criticize your work harshly? Well, Carl is. And when he finally snaps, his life is changing for good. He then becomes famous for shouting out loud angrily at the critic who is just sitting there taking all the words. Though then, with support from the people around him, another chapter of his journey begins.

He successfully sets up an old truck back to shape. And within a short while, the El Jefe food truck is famous thanks to Carl’s amazing food and his son’s social media marketing talent. They get lots of people lining up for them on the side of the truck. And in a few months, boom, Carl is having the perfect life, both on his private and professional life.

I instantly like the movie when I know it is combining technology, business, and food. The scenes and story also keep you engaged right from the start. Plus, the music is very enjoyable, so I will rate this one 8/10. I was kind of hoping a bumpy ride for the food truck, which was not the case. Anyhow, I enjoyed watching it, and I think you will too.

PS: movie includes twitter 101 and the fancy food shots will be changed to sandwich halfway of the movie.


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