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Lost And Not Found

A few weeks ago I was happily playing with waves on the beach when suddenly a strong wave flip me around. It took my pants and glasses off me… By reflex, one of my hand reached for the glasses and the other going to another direction holding my pants.

I was pretty devastated as my eyesight was pretty bad and I didn’t have any backup glasses. After asking my friends to help me look and talked to the lifeguard about lost things, we came back to the inn empty handed… While looking, I felt sad and stupid for playing in the ocean with my normal glasses on; more so because I did not want to play but my friend insisted that I played, which resulted in me sacrificing my glasses for only a few rounds of waves.

But after realizing that I most likely will not find it, since the waves were getting stronger and the sun was setting, I was able to clear my head and try to let go of it. Excessive worriness and blaming myself will not bring my lost spectacle. But yeah I do need to be more careful next time…

I was blind for the next whole day while waiting for the glasses to be made. Made me feel very blessed that I can still see with glasses on, because it definitely sucks so much if I lose my vision. On the positive side, I could just calmly enjoyed sitting in the car in the way back, since I was not able to drive, ha!

This might not be the perfect analogy, but I suppose this kind of event kind of reminds me not to dwell on something too much and try to live with the consequences and move on. Some bad things can happen to you, and it might definitely harder to overcome, but I guess the same principal can still be applied.

You might really love your lost glasses and cannot stop searching the vast ocean, and maybe, MAYBE, you will find it (either in good or bad conditions)… But most of the times it’s just wiser to continue your life happily, get a new pair of glasses, and let go of the lost one.

Have a nice day!


2 comments on “Lost And Not Found

  1. jessicatheo
    August 6, 2017

    yeay ganti sunglasses dong

    • tida
      August 11, 2017

      Nggak, ganti yg biasa aja… Sunglasses nya not for sale katanya haha

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This entry was posted on July 22, 2017 by in Daily Life.

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