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Redoing Your Life

Will you do it?

I have been following ReLIFE comic series since it was started being translated to English a few years back. Seems like the series will still be continued for a long time, so I guess a brief summary and a little spoiler will not hurt.

ReLIFE is a company that gives people chance to redo your past life and will observer you on how you will approach this second chance. The selected subject(s) is the one that has life problems and lost faith.

One character is a guy who quit his job because his mentor committed suicide after constantly being harassed and pressured by the other colleagues. Because of that incident, he decided to leave the company even without having another job in line. Leaved by someone close and good person, perhaps he felt betrayed by how the world works. Being depressed and without any real expertise, it was really hard for him to find another job before finally he was selected as one of the subject of ReLIFE experiment.

Another one is a girl who moved around a lot because of her father profession. Every time she had a few friends, she had to go and say goodbye to them. After a while, she avoided people (maybe because she does not want to feel hurt again and again) and that continued until she became an adult. Her communication skill was pretty bad that her colleague could not bear to work with her. She then quit and pushed people away from her life. Like the guy, she was also a subject and both of them actually interact with each other in the same circle of friends.

Why do I feel like I am being too serious here? The story is actually very light and quite funny. The series is being translated by Whiteout Scans. Search for it if you want to read the comic.

Both of them started studying at a high school along with other real students, and they kind of tangled up with daily life and problems of young adults, love stuffs, academics, etc. Hopefully there are major story arcs soon, have been dying to find out what will happen with both of them!

Back to the original question… Are you willing to redo a portion of your life? Perhaps only to observe some things that could have happened, or even did something major bravely that it could really change the course of your life?

Nevertheless, just live your life happily and responsibly, you will die one day anyway… Just like that famous quote says:

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.



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This entry was posted on July 24, 2017 by in Daily Life.

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