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Watched this one on the first day it was out in the cinema because of the hype all over the internet. Got rating around 9.2 on IMDB at first and now it is an 8.7 movie. I think this will end around low 8-ish.

Might contain spoilers… so… you know what to do.

To be honest, I quite enjoyed the movie, the scenery was pretty, and the story was very well pictured. I was pretty amazed by Inception, but somehow I am not really that excited after finished watching this movie; perhaps because of the hype and my own preference hoping for more actions out of this movie.

In some part of the stories, there is this boy who was quite timid, George, who followed his friend and his friend’s father to help save the soldiers in Dunkirk. He had a dream of becoming a local hero and featured in a newspaper (well, he achieved it, but had to pay it with his life). This felt so saddening that one decision can really change / end your life. If his friend’s father just obeyed the guards and let them take his boat, this George (most likely) will not die that day. But oh well, who knows what secret does this universe have for us living beings. There are a lot of deaths every day anyway… which lead me to think about the number of suicides in the news lately, which maybe need a whole another post.

Nevertheless, it is a very good movie. Go watch it!


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2017 by in Movie Stuffs.

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