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War For The Planet Of The Apes

Went to the theater again a few days ago, and this time it’s monkey show time! It’s The war for the planet of the apes!

Contains spoiler.

A little back story, there was an experimental virus, ALZ, that accidentally spread to human and monkeys, making human more like monkeys and vice versa. Monkey becomes smarter and can talk in human language. Human becomes mute. After a series of events, there was virus outbreak and affected almost the whole world.

This movie starts where the tension between apes and humans was high. Human wants to kill all the apes hoping to protect mankind from extinction. While the monkeys, led by Caesar, only want peace.

Then one of the ape betrayed his kind and inform the humans the location of their base in exchange for security. In the ambush, Caesar’s wife and son were killed, which triggered rage in Caesar. He then planned to get his revenge on the killer.

After series of events and and new characters introduced, there was conversations between the human colonel and Caesar about protecting their own kind. The colonel has a strong view about the virus outbreak and trying his best to prevent it, even by killing his own family to prove that everyone should kill anyone that is infected by the virus. I think this is the only interesting conversation throughout the movie as it is kind of mind provoking.

Even though the story seems kind of weirds at times, like the war strategy of the human army, I enjoyed the actions. I mean… monkey with a gun riding a horse, LOL. You can also notice that how emotion can really change someone and blind them.

Anyway, at the end the monkey survived while all the humans, but one, were killed in an avalanche. Then the next story is that old movie that was released somewhere around 1970s. But I guess this movie will not be the finale as they will remake those old movies again.

Now… what do you think will happen to the apes? Their leader, Caesar, was dead because of injury and they was just arriving at a ‘paradise’. I am not good at history… Perhaps these monkeys will then start their own government, societies, religions, etc. If you have a nice read about how civilization grows, let me know


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